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Saturday, May 11th
HPL Haverhill Public Library Comic Con

Saturday July 20th
Plastic City Comic Con

Saturday, September 21st – Sunday, September 22
Granite State Comic Con

Saturday, October 5th 10:00 -3:00
Comic Book Fest

Catching Up With You All

We’ve made it through another campaign, successfully funding the Great Cyclopian #6! Thank you to all our supporters for coming through once again! With issue seven right around the corner, we will be making some huge improvements to the way we run the next campaign, the stretch goals we offer, and with a little luck, the number of books actually put into the hands of readers everywhere!

We anticipate this campaign finding for a longer of period of time which is giving us the unique opportunity to produce and offer our first ‘ash can’ comic. Stay tuned for more information on that!

The Great Cyclopian 6 – Pre Order Now!

The Great Cyclopian 6 is finished we’re funding the first print run! The Great Cyclopian stands his ground and has to battle his mentor, Captain Aura! Getting the upper hand, Cyclopian finds that  there’s a team of super powered government assassins who have come to take his life! Deceived and betrayed, Cyclopian faces his greatest challenge yet! Will Captain Aura help take down the Great Cyclopian, or will he side with his pupil? Can Cyclopian survive the onslaught? Find out in issue 6 of the Great Cyclopian!