Book Review: Crimebusters #1

Scott Harris-King is a comic book creator that brings us a hero from the Golden age of comics. Chuck Chandler, a hero initially introduced in the Boy Comic series, makes his return in this jammed pack comic book. Featuring Chuck Chandler and Scott’s original character,Trixie Trouble, the contentious duo take on crime like no other! The Crime Buster, Issue one picks up from when the Boy Comic series left off with issue #119.

One thing I really enjoyed while reading this comic book was the detail in which Scott offers not only for his character design, but the background information found at the end of the book. Scott put’s substantial effort in so that his readers can get to know the characters by offering a brief bio for each character. You have a good sense of whose, who, before you even delve into this fast, paced fun tale.

The art style is in the likes of the classic Archie and Scooby Doo comics. The black and white art fills each page with action. The caption boxes are placed well within each panel. Some of the page layouts were quite creative, they may not be to everyone’s liking but I enjoyed the freedom and diversity.

The Crimebuster comic offers the reader a walk down memory lane. The story is set in the 1950’s at a college called Curtiss Tech. Scott brings us an exciting story filled with mystery and adventure that provides the reader with more than a 20 minute read!

Check out Scott’s website and order a copy of The Crimbusters #1 for yourself. He also has a digital copy free!