Comic Book Friends

Kid Intense By Vincent Keith Morris Jr While I haven’t actually met Keith, he is on Facebook and creating his book!

Steven Lisefski – a great guy, very helpful and talented… illustrating, coloring… he is all over the web, but start here!

Jay Lipson – A fantastic artist with decades of experience – knows the industry – great to buy art from – and get some insider tips for creative types.

CRISS MADD – this is one of the hottest emerging artists in the country. A must see talent!

Shanna Madd – A fantastic colorist who is a great neighbor at the shows. (her dad, Criss is great too – lol)

DARBY POP PUBLISHING – Jeff Kline (who I nick named LA by the end of the show) – I got to meet this guy and was blown away by his straight forward, honest approach to comics. I love his work and look forward to running into him again at a Comic Con. Truly a guy who knows what he is doing. If you get a chance, lend him an ear and just listen. It’s AMAZING!

The Pyramid Knights – Created out of Gardner, MA, the Pyramid Knights is the work of Gary Henderson. We had the pleasure of meeting him at the North East Comic Con 2019 in March!

Quibx – This guy can draw! Great pen and ink! Love his style!

EPLIS – This is a fantastic comic written and drawn by the married team of Jeremy and Emily Drouin. Check it out!

Sour Grapes – Sour Grapes is a syndicated strip, so its not exactly ‘independent’ – but we met the creator, Tim Jones, in an art gallery full of indies – so I’m adding him here until I gather enough links to categorize the list.

Brian T Hall – Writer, Producer, Rabbi – This guy has been working his tale off having created the Legendary of Kingdoms of Attera and Mountain Night Owl Tales. His current project is a documentary movie called Conquest of the Fallen. We can’t wait to see what chunks of wisdom he will be dropping on the world!

Author Chris Paniccia – Author of Heavens Gate, Grid Iron Conspiracy and more! If you see him at a show, say hi, buy a book and get it signed (while we still can)! Super nice guy!

Cheer UpWe had such a good time trying out Chris Rio’s Kickstarter funded party game at the convention that we ended up buying the party game to take home and play with friends and family. Check it out!

Jack Holder – Hands down, one of the best indie comics I’ve ever read, “The Following Casework” caught my eye with great a great script – an intriguing concept, and fantastic art. He’s a writer who deserves to be checked out! #ineedamiracle

Super creative artists ‘artist’! Wouldn’t even know how to begin to describe him other than completely cool! Check him out through

Gateway Comics is a great indie-comic site that deserves a look if you love indies!