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Christopher Tamulevich is the writer/artist/colorist for the Hero Shack comic book series started online in January, 2019. Christopher has virtually no experience creating comic books outside his teenage dreams of being the next Neal Adams or John Byrne back in the 1980’s. Although he is diagnosed with an “autism spectrum disorder”, he still clings to the term, Asperger’s Syndrome, as it was formerly known.  I mention his autism because it was likely the single, biggest obstacle Christopher has faced throughout his fifty years of life so far. It certainly played a commanding roll in turning him away from creating comics, driving him into a career as a graphic artist in some sort of mental compromise. As time passed, he became disillusioned with the graphic arts profession and found himself bouncing to varied sources of employment until he became a computer tech for a public school district. There, he spent a decade working for teachers and assisting students, and rediscovering his own inner child. The more he worked in that environment, the more he felt a natural calling back to the gift of drawing which he had long held within for a myriad of reasons. As he started drawing and showing his art to the students, he remembered the satisfying elation of watching friends and family enjoying comic books he had created, and he started forming a new plan for the rest of his days.

It has been made abundantly clear, in Christopher’s mind, that he he is closer to his death than his birth, and time is running out for him if he truly wishes to become the master storyteller he has always dreamed of becoming. After years of encouragement and support from his loving wife and editor, Diana Tamulevich, he is finally coming out of the closet and into the world with a new found maturity and confidence that he lacked when he was just a hopeful 18 year old.

Hero Shack is a sandbox creative project that he is using as a training ground to get ‘into the game’ and make new friends who also burn with the fire to create comics. In the Hero Shack series, you will see the growth of a talented storyteller as he hones his craft aiming to bring his cast of characters to readers everywhere! Along the way, he is sharing his failures, discoveries and successes with the readers, in hopes of inspiring and encouraging other creators of all ages! He is passionately engaging with everyone he meets within the independent comic book community, and he at last, feels at home in his own skin. His ultimate goal is to do well enough with his storytelling that he will be able to dedicate himself full time to Hero Shack. So check out our comics, free online, and if you are able, please consider supporting our project through the various crowd-funding options we have available at our website,  Thank you!

Big Changes Coming

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We are always willing to experiment, and we are also willing to admit and change when experiments aren’t working. We presented daily updates throughout January and February of 2019 and really enjoyed the cycle of posting, but it hasn’t made for the greatest reading experience. While there are some great online comic formats that I’ve seen, the premise of this comic is first and foremost is to emulate a standard American comic book that will ultimately be available in printed format (though anyone is free to print the pdf which should come out to 6.625″x10.125″).

Thus, in March, I will release the comic updates as full pages – allowing the flow of the story to be more fluid. I anticipate a full page every three days, but it may vary, give or take a day one way or the other. At this point, as we can see by the lack of growth of likes and sponsors, we believe its a change that is warranted. Personally, I can’t wait to see this project in a year, and I hope you feel the same way. I am deeply appreciative of all your support.


Christopher Tamulevich

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A New Site

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So I’ve started using a cleaner site design and tweaked the slide show viewer in the hopes that this site is more readable on all devices. Recently, we purchased advertising through facebook and found 90 percent of our traffic comes through various ‘smart’ devices.

It’s my hope this site is a decent experience for all who visit. Please let me know if you have issues or suggestions. Thanks!

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