May 2019

Click to enlarge the pages above! Happy spring time folks! HUGE NEWS! Hero Shack Sandbox Edition #1 is now available on AMAZON! This book is over 32 pages of pure full color comic thrills released right here on this site through the months of January 2019 through March 2019. Why buy a book you can read for free online? The book sales are how we are funding the free online comics. It’s also how we are funding our appearances at the comic book conventions we are now joining as vendors. Furthermore this is the first ever publication from Hero Shack of any kind! That makes it a very special collectors edition, assuming Hero Shack becomes a top comic book publisher in the coming years. This is part of our “sandbox” phase of development, which will be a landmark time in our comic universe. What is the “sandbox phase” of our company? Click here for more!

Also, check out our upcoming events! Come on out and immerse yourself in comic book glory and bring your copy of HERO SHACK SANDBOX 1 so we can sign it for you. We should have some for sale at the show, but our stock could always sellout!

We are hitting the ground running this month in the comic with Doctor Gloombird and the crew from Hero Shack! Are you ready for a huge exposition drop? It’s coming soon!